Today's Idea
Friday, June 23, 2017

Find a Flower Fairy at Old Westbury Gardens

Midsummer’s Eve is a magical time of year. On this night fairies celebrate nature and the upcoming weeks of warmth and light with parties and balls. Come follow the clues and discover the enchanted fairy world that magically appears in the garden at Midsummer!

Flower Fairies are tiny creatures that live hidden in the midst of the stems, leaves, petals and branches of their special flower or tree. They are in charge of taking care of their plant, ensuring it gets enough sunlight and water, sweeping away dead leaves and polishing the stems and petals. Even the naughtiest fairies follow the Fairy Code, which calls all fairies to be cheerful, neat polite, friendly, work hard, generous, keep secrets, kind and humorous.

Flower Fairies are the work of English illustrator, Cicely Mary Barker. Her first book Flower Fairies of Spring was published in 1923. It was followed by 7 more volumes from 1925-1985. In addition to Cicely Barker’s original work, 2 series have been published that feature her original Flower Fairy characters have also been published, Flower Fairy Friends (2003) for younger readers and Secret Stories (2006) chapter books for 6-10 years old.

Friday, June 23rd from 4-6:30pm. Program is intended for children ages 4-8. Advanced tickets required, please call 516.333.0048 or register online at

Tickets cost $12.00 / $10.00 member (includes materials, refreshment and admission for 1 adult.)