Today's Idea
Thursday, August 17, 2017

Zip Lining at The Adventure Park

Who needs Ferris wheels and roller coasters when you can have nature as an amusement park? Visit one of Long Island’s newest attractions at The Adventure Park of Long Island and challenge yourself with the eight different “ropes courses” (think of them as hiking trails in the trees) from introductory to advanced levels. There's a series of ten bridges that form aerial trails through the forest.

There are multiple zip lines so you can “fly through the trees with the greatest of ease.” Of course, they set you up with ultra secure harnesses and a full briefing on safety guidelines, so this adventure park fun for folks ages 7 and up. Tickets range from $42 (ages 7-9) to $56 (ages 12+). 

A climbing ticket is good for an unlimited number of climbs within a three-hour period. During the summer, the Park is open 7 days a week through September 4. Spring and Fall, the park is open on weekends and select holidays. So get out there, and get up there!