Today's Idea
Friday, October 20, 2017

Cradle of Aviation Museum Tattoo Convention

Watch the worlds best artists pierce and tattoo at Flight 1017 Convention at the The Cradle of Aviation Museum. Open to the public for three days (October 20-22), the convention is great for the whole family with magicians, suspension artists, music, games, contests, live tattooing and piercing, seminars, artist lounge, art exhibits! For kids there will be face painting, temporary tattoos, coloring contests, flash art contests and more! Tickets are available in advance at the Cradle of Aviation Box office or online. $25 a day for adults and $12 for children under 12. Parking is free. 

Long Island is home to many aviation firsts which earned it the nickname the “Cradle of Aviation” including Glen Curtiss’ 25 miles flight in 1909 from Mineola to win the Scientific American Prize; the first transcontinental flight from Sheepshead Bay to California by Cal Rogers in 1911; first transatlantic crossing by an airship touched down at Roosevelt Field from England in 1919; first non-stop trancontinental flight left Mitchel Field in 1923; Charles Lindebergh departed Roosevelt Field on the first solo transatlantic flight in 1927. The museum contains over 60 aircraft and scale models of airplanes including Charles Lindbergh’s Curtiss Jenny, the A-10 Thunderbolt II and Grumman F-14 Tomcat and an actual unused Apollo Lunar Module, LM-13.