Today's Idea
Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sunday Polo at Bethpage State Park

Polo isn’t one of those sports you see every day. In fact, even at Bethpage State Park Polo Field, it’s only every Sunday.

For the uninitiated, polo is a team sport, with 4 players/horses a side, each maneuvering to drive a small white ball into the opposing team’s goal using long-handled mallets. The field is large (well larger than a football field), but even at a distance, the game is easy to follow. If you like horses and spectacles, this is for you.

As you’d expect, the feeling here is pretty upscale. In addition to attracting world-class athletes, Bethpage Polo at the Park also provides world-class service, entertainment and food and beverages, courtesy of Carlyle Catering. The goal, however, is to expose the sport to all, so it’s a fun afternoon for all ages. 

Polo fields are big and beautiful, so it’s a pleasant afternoon even if you have no interest in who wins or loses. Gates open at 2 pm, polo match starts at 3 pm and runs about 2 hours (the action is divided into periods called “chukkas”.) $10 gets you a grandstand seat (children under 12 are free) or you can bring your own lawn chair. (The field is in a New York State Park, so there’s an additional $8 per vehicle park fee, not included in the ticket price. You may also want field side parking, which is an additional $10.) If you want a ritzier experience, you can pay for ultra VIP tent access ($75 adults; $10 kids), which also comes with the need to look a bit more presentable. For more info: call 516-500-POLO (7656).

If you can’t make it this weekend, polo matches are every Sunday through October 14th.