Today's Idea
Sunday, April 21, 2019

Messy Afternoons at Long Island Children’s Museum

Kids always seem to make a mess you have to clean up - whether it’s a minefield of Legos on the living room floor, an entire tube of toothpaste squeezed across the bathroom, or a cooking project that ends with flour on every possible surface. But at least for one day at the Long Island Children’s Museum, the little ones can make as big a mess as they like, and you don’t have to scrub anything.

Messy Afternoons is part of the museum’s Early Childhood program, which is designed to help children’s physical, emotional, and social development in a safe, supportive environment with other kids – and to help parents build relationships and bond with their kids. On a less intellectual note, it’s about the mess - there will be slime, goop, mud and oobleck galore to play, create, and make art with (and just to reiterate - the museum will clean up everything!) And that’s not all, because there’s a whole museum to explore before or after - from the bubble room to the TotSpot playground, it’s easy to see why the LICM is a National Medal for Museum and Library Service winner.

Messy Afternoons takes place on Sunday, April 21st. Admission is included with your museum tickets, and the event is designed as a drop-in program - swing by anytime between 3:30 - 5 PM and stay as long as you want. Tickets to the museum are $14 for adults and children, and can be purchased online or on-site. Curious about other special events at the LICM? Just check out the museum calendar.